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Lightweight Marble Panels in Motor Homes

If you are thinking of having a new RV or simply remodel your old one you can now safely choose real stone. Lightweight stone panels are exactly what you need.

The world of motor homes keeps on getting more and more luxurious. The cabins of motor homes are equipped with electronics, accessories and custom interiors that would make even million dollars mansions look shy. Anybody who may own a recreational vehicle and have them arranged to comply with their needs and desires. Natural stone: marble, granite, onyx, quartz make these motor homes as luxurious and comfortable as the homes, hotels and offices that one is are used to.lightweight stone rv top

The motor homes industry is growing at a fast pace in order to meet the demands of its customers. The demands really take a whole new meaning when it comes to designing the interiors of the motor home.  In this innovative age of private cruising, architects and designers are jumping at the opportunity to design interiors of the motor homes. Well known companies are creating new interior designs that are as classy as they are exquisite. One thing that they all need when it comes to materials is the use of lightweight stone panels.

Weight is a major concern while designing the interiors of a motor home in order to reduce energy consumption. Lightweight stone panels may come in many variations: lightweight marble, lightweight granite, lightweight onyx. They are technically manufactured to reduce the weight of natural Stone by 80% while achieving more strength and flexibility due to the aluminum honeycomb backing. Our composite lightweight stone panels are manufactured on demand, provided the exact sizes and shapes of the pieces needed, either as per plans or actual templates from the job sight. Precision is a key factor, as the inside of a RV, as spectacular as it may be, it has to compress a lot of furniture, corners, appliances and so on.  The installation is comparably easier and cleaner than any other material especially when considering the working space a recreational vehicle has to offer.

A lightweight stone panel is usually prepared using 3-4mm thick stone veneer (granite, marble or limestone) adhered to Aluminum Honeycomb sheet of varying thickness. A finished lightweight stone panel weighs no more than 3.2 pounds /sqf.  Interior motor homes applications of the stone panels offer tremendous advantages:

  • Safety: These marble panels are Non-fragile, fireproof, humidity proof, corrosion resistant and soundproof. Besides this they provide heat insulation and temperature preservation.
  • Lightweight stone panels save energy. They are light weight and thus motor homes consume less fuel and performance is maintained. A lighter vehicle helps you prevent fast tires deterioration.
  • Lightweight stone panels provide the rich, exquisite look of natural stone. These panels can be custom ordered in any size the client wishes. Numerous color and texture options are also available; the stone market has enough combinations to satisfy almost every decoration plan.
  • They are easy to install. Space is at a premium inside a motor home and therefore rightly cut out pieces have to be installed carefully. They can easily be installed. Whether we can do this for you or provide your contractor with the installation guide. Lightweight stone panels will help you save workmanship and time.

In a motor home these panels can be used for flooring, bathrooms, kitchen countertops, vanity tops and any furniture piece tops. Use of lightweight marble or granite not only imparts a royal look inside the cabin of the motor home; it also offers a lifetime guarantee. No special maintenance is required, just perform your usual routine and everything will be kept spotless and shiny. Natural stone backed with the aluminum honeycomb sheet will prevent bacteria and humidity from attacking the inside surfaces and infiltrate deeper within.

Also imagine the elegance you add to the ambiance inside the vehicle. You can truly feel like having at your discretion the luxurious room of a five star hotel no matter which place you travel!