Interior Stone Panels

Transform natural stone and redefine everything you knew about it!

We can produce lightweight stone panels with any natural stone: Granite, Marble, Onyx, Quartz, Limestone laminated with aluminum honeycomb. Thus manufactured, the stone panels are more durable and safer than any other pure natural stone panel or alternative to it.

Ultra light and thin they are the perfect option to cover exterior facades. Your building will be not only attractive but will gain features like soundproof, fire or moisture proof, anti-corrosive and keeping a stable temperature.

In the commercial field the lightweight stone panels are a must! Through the advantage of their dramatically reduced mass the stone cladding panels help the entire structure of a building by demanding less support from it. Also the impact resistance increases in comparison with normal natural stone. The supporting honeycomb aluminum panel is the secret to the entire recipe as the fragility of natural stone is absorbed by it and is given the qualities that we mentioned above: strong, resistant to impact, flexible, anti-corrosive, soundproof, fireproof and able to stand against difficult weather conditions or to preserve the inside temperature.

The aluminum honeycomb backing bonded with epoxy has been internationally tested because it is highly used for manufacturing in aircraft and has to resist extreme impact conditions, high winds and strong vibrations. This makes the lightweight stone panels be the most suitable product for exterior wall cladding when compared to any other materials from the stone class.

These honeycomb backed stone wall panels can be adapted to any architectural or design related demand and basically can be used on any vertical surface: lightweight marble panels for a shiny finish or lightweight granite for scratch resistance.

The lightweight stone panels are also widely used for exterior and interior walls, yacht interiors, cladding for columns and curved walls due to flexibility and high bending strength or residential applications inside your kitchen and wall cladding for bathrooms.

The stone wall panels for interior are manufactured like the rest of our panels from a veneer of natural stone laminated to an aluminum honeycomb panel. They may be installed with interlocking channels or special epoxies depending on the surfaces they will be eventually used.

Modern applications require the lightweight stone panels for almost any type of interior walls and our mind quickly associates the places decorated with stone with high quality and luxury. This induced sense of both quality and rich aesthetics is desirable for

businesses like hotels, shopping malls, bars, lobbies and waiting rooms in offices, public institutions or any type of building with high public traffic.

As a special product in this category stands the lightweight back lit onyx highly recommended for ceilings, bars, lobbies, columns or dividing walls.

Shower wall panels and bathroom flooring

The concept of natural stone for bathrooms can be taken to a whole new level with the lightweight stone panels.

If the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning marble or granite for bathrooms are the now common pre-sized tiles, let us show you how to achieve a greater look for any inside bathroom surface.

As previously specified one of the top characteristics of the stone panels reinforced with aluminum honeycomb is the mass reduced up to 80% per finished product.

Being so light and thin, the stone panels can be used as a whole piece and easily cover entire shower walls without affecting the mechanical structure of the building.

Usually bathrooms have reduced surface compared to the rest of the rooms in a house, a hotel, a mobile home like the RV’s or boats. So in such a tight enclosure using the lightweight stone panels and not tiles, will add the immediate effect of light and open space.

But this is only one benefit of the marble shower enclosures. What is really special about using marble or granite wall panels for bathroom is something that goes beyond what meets the eye.

Stone is maintained clean very easily and the aluminum backing behind the stone surface prevents moisture from locking in, is a great anti-fungal and mold free material. In order to achieve this special attention must be paid to the proper sealing of the stone panels.

When used for the bathroom flooring, marble or granite may have special honed finish or other rough textures in order to prevent slipping if it gets wet.

But the stone panels’ applications won’t stop here. Add them to the interior of elevators, aircraft, yachts, or catamarans. Stone panels have so many advantages and are such a high quality decorative material you can virtually use them anywhere you desire.

Stone panels may be dismantled and reused if needed. They are durable and safe from breakage.

The most economical way to install the stone panels is by attaching them to the walls or the framing structure with adhesive material.

In addition to the fact that we have such an ultra light product we can make some breakthroughs regarding the restrictions of the installation areas. This is no longer our traditional stone which was massive and only could be used can on walls, floors, windows and tables, now we can even put it on ceilings and is perfectly safe.