A simple installation is required without the use of sophisticated tools and without mechanically damaging the elevators. Mechanical re-adjustment is no longer required before having the elevator remodeled due to the light weight characteristic of the stone panels, 3, 2 pounds/sqf or 4.83kg/m².

The stone panels can be custom made in our facility in order to fit any size inside the elevator cabin and the thickness may be adjusted to the designer’s requirement with aluminum or fiberglass backing.

An aluminum backed stone panel is proven to sustain the weight of a person without being adhered to any surface, just by itself. The long resistance and the flexibility of this product are guaranteed.  Compared to any other material used for the floors of an elevator, real stone surface will resist the longest to any scratch or stain.

The stone used on the panels can be anything from Granite which is the most durable to Marble, Limestone or Onyx.

As a special characteristic different patterns or mosaics can be inserted within the stone surface or you can even add an impeccable view with backlit onyx stone on the ceilings.

Keep in mind another very important aspect: energy savings. Making the elevator lighter you reduce the amount of power necessary to handle them and extend the life span of the lifting mechanism.

Don’t lose any time or waste your money finding other solutions. Modernize your elevators now with the lightweight stone panels!